Nuat Thai: Annapolis Greenhills, San Juan

Our Review: It was a Saturday afternoon when we went to Nuat Thai Greenhills. Expecting a crowded and a fully booked spa, I was surprised that there was an accommodation for us. I realized that early Saturday afternoon was the best time to visit compared to a Saturday evening. We opted for the couple’s massage which is for 1 ½ hours with complimentary Thai Herbal Balls. They had a promo that time for the Aromatherapy Massage with Herbal Balls so the rate of 550 per head was reduced to 450 Php. This does not apply for all branches, so we were quite lucky to have this promo in Greenhills that time.


I love the smell of aromatherapy oils as soon as we stepped inside Nuat Thai. When you enter inside their massage area, it looks like a maze due to all the subdivided cubicles and passage ways. We had our own slippers and a warm foot soak was given for us as soon as we entered the receiving area. As usual, I think the provided underwear shorts were a bit too loose for me so I ended up not wearing these.

Nuat-Thai room


Cozy, dim, and filled with soothing tranquil music, I give them an average rating. It’s enough for you to doze off in the dim lights if you are too tired. There’s really not much of noise inside, nor is it too very quiet because the cubicles are only subdivided by heavy curtains, so you can still hear if someone coughs right from the next cubicle. The only flaw would be the other wooden bed right next to me where my husband stayed because it was squeaking a lot when he turned or moved, but other than that it was fine.



The Aromatherapy Massage with Herbal Balls was quite a hard massage for me. Though we notified the masseuses for a medium massage, it was still quite a bit hard to say the least. They masseurs were professional and they knew what they were doing, but if you have overly sore muscles, you might yelp in pain if you think it’s a heavy massage. So notify your masseuse right away if you think that the pressure is too intense for you. This massage is a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu, kith a lot of kneading. I love their herbal balls though, it was so very warm and it penetrated all the sore parts of my body. Furthermore, it was also kind enough for them to include the warm herbal pillows under our necks. The herbal balls and pillow were on the latter part of the massage, so I think it’s one of the best ways to end the aromatherapy massage.



It was pretty much ok, and I think that given the affordable rate, they do respect your privacy and they are courteous enough to ask anyone if they are done dressing and/or undressing.


Value For Money:

Nuat Thai is known for its promos and perks from time to time. Try contacting them if they still offer discounts. Remember, every branch may have different promotions. For the price of less than a thousand for two people, it was worth it given that we had an hour and a half massage with some perks like the herbal pillow and herbal balls!





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