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Our Review:
I’ve passed by this spa a couple of times, but I thought of giving it a try after a long day of shopping. Ton-Ton Massage is a traditional Thai Massage that offers a variety of options to choose from. It’s easy on the budget and relaxing at the same time.

As usual, they will offer you slippers upon going in the massage area. However, there is no provision for your shoes, so we left it at the lobby near the counter. It’s pretty neat and clean, but don’t expect for any kind of separate dressing area, because you will change your clothes from where you are going to be massaged. You will be offered scrub suits to change when inside the massage room.

Ton-Ton Massage has a very simply, yet cozy atmosphere. The mattresses are all on the floor, and are separated by white curtains. Each division contains two mattresses so if you’re a couple planning on having a massage, this is no big problem. Ceilings are pretty high, but you can hear if someone is being massaged right next to you since the divisions are just light curtains. What I did not like were the sounds coming from the back building, because some people were playing basketball. The massage was located next to a sports complex.

We like our masseuses, and since we opted for only a 30-minute massage for the back, we didn’t expect that they would also massage our head and do some really good stretching that eased the pain from our lower backs. The Thai massage they did was overall very satisfying. They also used their knees and even elbows to perform the Thai massage. Compared to Swedish Massage I would say to try out the Thai Massage because it has some twisting and stretching included, more similar to that of yoga. They were very courteous and even asked us if we would like ginger tea at the end of the massage, and which we were very happy to oblige.

Privacy is average, since there were no separate rooms, but I was content with this. It was just a bit of the external noise that bothered me during that time, but overall, it was ok. Also, you don’t need to undress and be half naked, because they are going to massage you with the clothes they provided you.

Value for Money:
What I like about their services is that they have an option for a 30 minute massage for either the back or the foot. At only 199 pesos, it was well worth it and we felt rejuvenated after having the short massage. Most of their services are also affordable compared to other spas, so I will definitely be coming back for more.

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